How to order kosher MRE’s

UPDATED Feb 2014

What’s better than a nice hot MRE? A kosher one, of course! As most of us know, keeping kosher in the military can be a particular challenge. Add field conditions into the equation and it gets even harder.

So what’s a good Jewish boy (or girl) to do? Enter MoM to the rescue. No, not your mother, MoM (My Own Meals). While there used to be “regular” kosher MREs in standard packaging (like the current vegetarian ones), a private company now has the responsibility of supplying kosher rations to the U.S. military. MoM makes 10 different kosher meals. Each meal contains an entree plus a bag containing a variety of components.

So how do I order them?

The exact procedure is unique to each service, but we can provide you with some general information to get the ball rolling. The NSN for the Kosher Ration is 8970-01-424-1996. Always check the DLA website for the most up to date information though.

The point of contact at the DLA is 215-737-3688 (DSN: 444-3688).

Some of the fringe benefits of eating the kosher MREs are:
1. the kosher rations are commercial products in commercial packaging with brand names you know.
2. Unlike MREs which are produced and then stored for about 3 or more years before being sent troops to eat in the field, kosher rations are assembled to be shipped and consumed right after production.

For more information, visit the My Own Meals and DLA websites.

Personal purchases must be made directly through My Own Meals, as the DLA only supplies military and government entities.

It is DLA Troop Support policy NOT to sell rations to individuals, whether members of the Armed Services or civilians. The Department of Defense regulations and DLA Troop Support policy permit the sale of rations to the following: U.S. military organizations, federal government-funded activities, activities empowered to perform a federal-government-legislated function, a DoD sponsored non-appropriated fund instrumentality, State Department sponsored employee commissary (CONUS and OCONUS), a foreign government when an authorized contractual relationship has been established, a federal government contractor, when the contract specifically provides for the purchase of stock fund items by the contractor and other entities when authorized by duly appointed officials. In some instances sales are only permitted to these entities if other conditions are met.


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