How to order kosher MRE’s

UPDATED Feb 2014

What’s better than a nice hot MRE? A kosher one, of course! As most of us know, keeping kosher in the military can be a particular challenge. Add field conditions into the equation and it gets even harder.

So what’s a good Jewish boy (or girl) to do? Enter MoM to the rescue. No, not your mother, MoM (My Own Meals). While there used to be “regular” kosher MREs in standard packaging (like the current vegetarian ones), a private company now has the responsibility of supplying kosher rations to the U.S. military. MoM makes 10 different kosher meals. Each meal contains an entree plus a bag containing a variety of components.

So how do I order them?

The exact procedure is unique to each service, but we can provide you with some general information to get the ball rolling. The NSN for the Kosher Ration is 8970-01-424-1996. Always check the DLA website for the most up to date information though.

The point of contact at the DLA is 215-737-3688 (DSN: 444-3688).

Some of the fringe benefits of eating the kosher MREs are:
1. the kosher rations are commercial products in commercial packaging with brand names you know.
2. Unlike MREs which are produced and then stored for about 3 or more years before being sent troops to eat in the field, kosher rations are assembled to be shipped and consumed right after production.

For more information, visit the My Own Meals and DLA websites.

Personal purchases must be made directly through My Own Meals, as the DLA only supplies military and government entities.

It is DLA Troop Support policy NOT to sell rations to individuals, whether members of the Armed Services or civilians. The Department of Defense regulations and DLA Troop Support policy permit the sale of rations to the following: U.S. military organizations, federal government-funded activities, activities empowered to perform a federal-government-legislated function, a DoD sponsored non-appropriated fund instrumentality, State Department sponsored employee commissary (CONUS and OCONUS), a foreign government when an authorized contractual relationship has been established, a federal government contractor, when the contract specifically provides for the purchase of stock fund items by the contractor and other entities when authorized by duly appointed officials. In some instances sales are only permitted to these entities if other conditions are met.


  • i was wondering if you offer vegan options.

  • Besides Kosher Food, is the military OK with electric shavers being used for basic? im getting conflicting info and i dont wabt to sign in just to find out that in bootcamp they dont allow it. so anyone with real exper please tell me.

    • They do, but you are required a medical note saying that an electric shaver is the only thing that’s allowed on your face. I’ve seen it happen, I’ve also seen what happens when it doesnt happen so they’ll be very eager to make sure you are not getting screwed up because you didnt have the required medically needed items. and good luck in your endeavor.

  • Yitzhak,

    Consult a Jewish Chaplain and find out your rights!! From my experience in barraks you should get away with it however out field it may not be that easy.

  • Hi, I was wondering how a single solider can keep a kosher kitchen in the barracks or is there a way to move off post and get comped for it?

  • Greats site Thanks for your work!

  • Electric Shavers in Basic:

    I am a Navy Reservist, and when I went to NPSAC (Basic Training) I received special permission to have an electric shaver with me!! This was arranged by my Master Chief at my reserve centre.

    Moreover, several of the active duty chiefs that would sometimes check in on our sleeping quarters at night during boot camp, and they might see the electric shaver plugged in and charging at night. So, each time one of us had a watch in my division, unplugging and hiding the electric shaver when footsteps were heard and plugging it back in when the Chief left was part of our watch orders at night!

    However, I think the point was made the first night I was in boot camp, when they asked if anyone wished to offer a prayer. I was the only one that stepped forward, and said, may I get my prayer book? The RDC said sure, go for it.

    So, she instructed everyone to bow their heads, I took out a kippah, opened my sidur, and proceeded to utter the entire Kiryat Shema with blessings entirely in Hebrew. When I closed the sidur, someone blurted out “Amen!” and we all went to sleep.

    I wish I could have taken photos of the looks on peoples faces as I read it.

    However, nothing was as shocking as what happened the next day when this African American fellow in my division walked over to me and said, “Yasha koach my brother”!

    Being in an absolute state of shock all I could say was, “what?” to which he repeated himself, and said, I am Jewish too! Later on that day I was to discover I had 9 other Jewish brothers in my division, 4 of which were African American, along with 3 7th Day Aventists as well.

    When Friday night services came around, I asked for permission to leave despite the fact we had a uniform inspection. The RDC announced I was going to Jewish services, the others all stepped forward, and she said, why are you stepping forward? They said, we are all Jewish too!!! The RDC was blown away, as was the conservative Rabbi (a CDR) when I showed up with my own minyan!

    The poor RP3 that was helping the CDR had to quickly run uptick the amount of food they were going to have for the Oneg Shabbath afterwards!

  • so I should consult the Jewish chaplain wherever I’ll be doing basic to get permission for my electric razor? why am I not just making Aliyah and going in the IDF again? from another post “He told me he managed to avoid eating treif during boot also.” does that mean you tell them ahead of time you want to eat kosher MREs the whole time in basic, or are there some vegan options in the canteen and you just eat those?

  • Chris Casella

    Hi, I was looking to stock a 3 day emergency supply of rations in one of our kosher facilities in Elizabeth NJ. I would need aprox 1400 meals. Would we be able to have at least a 1800 cal. Count with each person recieving 3 meals per day? And how long is the max. Shelf life for the meals?

    Thank you,


  • Wow! I thought I was the only one out there trying to stay kosher on deployments. Shet, your post had me laughing.

    I am a CDR in the USPHS (one of the lesser known branches of active duty). When I was detailed to Hurricane Katrina for several months including all the majority of the high holidays, I had a lulav and etrog shipped in. I met more Yiddin that week after I posted a sign that one was available. I was amazed at how many people stopped by. Most said they were going to look for a lemon, but then did not. It was nice to make it available to everyone.

    I am preparing to be sent to Haiti now and I am looking for kosher food to bring with me. I am not certain if our Logistics will be able/willing to order kosher MREs for me. I have considered finidng the Israeli repsonders and seeing if I can work a deal with them, but that seems dicey. Gad to see this web-site is here!