Hot Dog Harry

Who is Hot Dog Harry?

He is fellow Yid and supporter of the troops, Harry Hirschinger. In 1986, Harry set up a non-profit organization called Operation: America Loves You. Their sole mission was to boost morale of troops in the field by throwing them a hot dog party.

Over the years Harry and his team delivered hot dogs (yes, he always supplies kosher ones to those who want them) to smiling troops in Lebanon, Korea, Japan and the former USSR. The team is made up of all volunteers and no one gets paid to perform their mission. They have served over 800,000 hot dogs and given out over one million cards and letters from school children.

Harry and his family fled Nazi Germany during the early years of WWII, eventually making their way to the United States. Harry opened a hot dog vending business in 1979, only to retire 6 years later in order to devote more of his time to supporting the troops. Harry said:

America has given a lot to me, and helping to maintain the morale of our military overseas is my small way of giving something back. My mother always told me that food is love, so I like to bring a little love to our troops who might otherwise might spend a lonely holiday season away from home.

Here are some links to news coverage and correspondance Hot Dog Harry has received over the years:

Harry has tried to revitalize Operation: America Loves You in recent years to help support troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Unfortunately he has met a lot of resistance due to security and logistics concerns. Harry is in talks with the USO right now, as they provide the only opportunity to receive funding (and clearance) for an overseas trip. He has run into some red tape with the USO and is patiently waiting for a reply. Harry has even enlisted the help of his congressman to introduce legislation that would allow groups like his to access military flights in support of troops once or twice a year.

If you or someone you know is in any position to help Harry (in any capacity) to bring his delicious dogs to the troops, please .

To top it all off, Harry tells me that a board member has been in touch with two Hollywood studios about “Hot Dog Harry” the movie. That’s right! You heard it here first!


  • This is great! Pass the mustard!


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  • Having known Harry for almost 30 years he has always been a supporter of the military men and women far away from home. With all the great work they have done in the past it is such a shame that the DOD and White House aren’t trying to help more.

  • Melissa Cohan

    I’ve known Harry for at least five years, and truly support was he’s trying to do for the morale of our soldiers. If a C-130 jet and crew can fly a baby from Iraq to the US for medical help, then why can’t it take hot-dogs back to soldiers? Outback Steak House made it over to Iraq and fed the troops, the WWE big time wrestlers made it over to Afghanistan….I just don’t understand why its been so difficult for Harry to take hot dogs to our soldiers. Harry, I support you!!

  • I just met Hot Dog Harry today at a store. He came up to me and asked me if I was Catholic and asked me if I had ever heard of Hot Dog Harry. We stood in that store for over 30 minutes blocking the aisle, while he told me his story and then he ran out to his car to give me his collected news prints of his ventures. He touched my heartwith his stories of his travels. What a wonderful man, takinghis own time and money and delivering the all american hot dog to the troops! I am very blessed to have met him. Here’s to you Harry!

  • I also met Harry at a store near my home. He showed me the literature and articles, and made sure I had this link. It is obvious that his endeavors on behalf of our guys overseas are very important to him. What a wonderful,personable man he is. I hope they do make a movie about him. He is proof that just one man CAN make a difference!

  • DaShana Daniels

    I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Harry today. He has a heart of gold and he touched me with his story. He shared with me his life in NY before moving to OH. We talked about both of our ventures abroad and our families. I consider it a great blessing to have met Harry today. He deserves the red carpet and a documentary.

    Thanks so much Harry. I appreciated the time we spent together today. It was just what I needed.

  • Jessica Ruple

    I had the pleasure of meeting Harry today as his boarding agent for a flight he was on. First he came up to ask a question about his flight, and I answered it, then he came back and wanted to ask me something. He told me there was a website I would really enjoy,gave me the URL, then began telling me his story. I was absolutely amazed and felt honored to have met him today. I hope they do make a movie about what he has done. Because I can only imagine how many lives he has touched, including mine.

  • Hey Hot Dog Harry! It’s Alison from the VA, I spoke with you the other day on the phone. I just wanted to let you know that I think what you are doing is great! I appreciate you and all of our veterans. God Bless You.


  • Debbie Cline

    Hello Harry, thank you for all that you do for our men and women in the military. Let me know what White Castle might be able to do to help in some small way. Thank you so much! Very best regards, Debbie Cline, Marketing. 559-2577

  • Enjoyed sitting in front of you and listening to your story on the flight from Denver to Columbus yesterday. Didn’t get the hand out you had but have pulled it up on line. Congratulations and thanks for the support you give to our troops. Our grandson is in the Navy presently. Would love to see a movie made about your great cause. Joanne

  • So how did it go in Denver. Is ther a chance of being able to do anything with the people you met with?

  • Terri Wilson

    Hi Harry – you introduced yourself to me at the Walmart store in Pickerington – I was looking at the flowers. You told me it was your birthday (hinting for me to buy you flowers – later I found out this wasn’t true.) However, I did learn a great deal of information about all the great work you are doing for our service women/men. It was a pleasure to meet you – keep up the good work. God Bless!

  • Harry, is was a pleasure to meet you during our lunch break in the canteen. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Thank you for also sharing your love and support for our troops.

  • Just an update for all who do not know. Harry is still trying to feed the troops but getting no help from USO or DOD. Harry now has Parkinsons, and Diabetes and having some trouble getting around. ANY HELP ANYONE CAN GIVE to this cause by calling or writing someone in Washingtopn would be of a great help to try to get him overseas 1 last time to feed the troops.

  • Harry,

    We met a couple of years ago at Panera, Bexley. I’m the brother of Keith Ward who once ran a cart for you in downtown Columbus.

    I’m currently an employee at the Defense Supply Center Columbus, in Whitehall, and I’ve learned a senior staff member would like to do a story on you and your efforts to feed the troops in the Federal Voice. The Voice is distributed to all federal and local goverment agencies in central Ohio and as far as Chilicothe, the VA Hospital and the VA clinic in Whitehall.

    Perhaps the story would also assist you in getting the needed help your seeking.

    We’d be honored if you would agree to be interviewed, if you’re able to spend a few mins. Location would be of your choice.

    I can be reached via email, or at 614-692-2985.

    Please let us know.

    Thanks in advance.

    Mike Ward

  • I was a roomate with Harry’s son in the Army 88/89 in Frankfurt, Germany for 3 months as a “Bus Commander.” I only remember him as “Hershy”.

    I will say he did love his Dad and spoke of him often. Not to mention “Hershy” was a fun guy to hang around with…..

    • Hi Scott
      I just happened to see your posting today.
      David now lives in Isrel but is coming home at the end of the month. Oct 2011

      Would love to hear from you
      –Call me at– 614-237-4254

  • Great Job!!!!

  • Hot Dog Harry Hirschinger

    Hi to all my fans. Hard to belive I turned 75 today.It has been such an honor for me to meet our fine young men & women who put their life on the line every day for us. Thank you for all your kind words. “Hot Dog ” Harry

  • I had the opportunity to meet Harry at the VA in Columbus,Oh. Harry is the definition of a great American. His story is one of overwhelming generosity and patriotism.

  • I had the honor of meeting Hot Dog Harry today. I am grateful that he shared stories of his life adventures with me. He seems like a truly giving, caring person. May God bless Harry!

  • David Shumway

    Good morning Harry, I met you yesterday afternoon at the eye clinic. It was an honor and a privilege. Thank you for all you have done for our troops.

  • Denise Patterson

    I had the privilege of meeting Harry @ the VA. What an adorable man! And to think of his endeavors without payment of any kind – now that’s “loving your neighbor as thyself”. God bless you Mr. Hirschinger!

  • Hi Harry, It was an honor to meet you today at the VA. I was one of the nursing students (Sarah) that was intrigued by your story. I probably could have sat and listened to your stories all day long if I could. Thank you for your service and for all you do for our troops! God Bless You!

  • Hi Harry! I met you today at Meijer’s. You are a wonderful person and Thank you for all of your work for the troops.

  • HI Harry! Enjoyed meeting you and hearing your family story at the store in Reynoldsburg, Oh. You asked if I had ever heard of you. Oh hell yes I have. Keep up the great work. Glad I bumped into you in this lifetime. So often we go through life without meeting good, interesting people and I’m glad I met you.

  • Hello I also met Harry today shopping.Hes got a great heart and very outgoing.There are oragnizations out there who support troops and injured military persons.Such as Operation Injured Soldiers etc… Even though that doesnt help his’d think something could be done.If the USO and these organizations can be successful, why not help his efforts?

  • Just heard about Harry’s passing. Very sad. I was a Marine in Beirut when Harry came over and served us his hotdogs. He made sure to meet all the boys from Ohio, but had hotdogs for everyone. I looked him up years later to say thanks……..he told me of some of the other trips he had done. He was indeed a patriot, and supporter of those that served. Thank you for the hotdogs Harry, and RIP

  • I had the honor of being Hot Dog Harrys neighbor. It was always fasinating to hear of his journey thru life. Harry was a proud man, and shared his story with many.

    We will miss you Harry , but will never forget you, and your kindness and love for others.

  • Hot Dog Harry passed away May 19th. 2012. RIP BUD