There are certain questions we get asked a lot on Jews in the military. Here is a collection of the most common with our best attempt at some answers. Click on any of the questions below to view the response.

General (2)
How can I find a chaplain at X location?
How many Jews are in the military?
Letters & Care Packages (3)
How can I send a letter or care package to Jewish troops stationed overseas?
Id like to write to Jewish troops overseas. Can you provide me with addresses?
Im doing a Bar/Bat Mitzvah (or Tzedakah) project and want to send items to deployed Jewish troops. Can you help me out?
Life in the Military (3)
How can my kids get a Jewish education if I’m stationed 100 miles from the nearest synagogue?
Is there a lot of anti-Semitism in the military?
I’m thinking of joining the military, but I keep kosher, observe Shabbat, etc. Will I be able to observe during boot camp? What about afterwards?